Tired of Hustling? Try Relying On This Instead.

Set scene: In a martial arts dojo, two instructors, Kevin and Eric, are demonstrating a drill

Kevin: *punches*
Eric: *blocks*
Kevin: *pushes Eric over*

Kevin: Ah, you see, he got pushed over. What’s the problem here?
Students: He wasn’t connected to the ground! Bad stance!
Kevin: Yes, very good. But there’s more to it. Let’s do it again.

Eric: *adjusts his stance*
Kevin: *punches*
Eric: *blocks*
Kevin: *pushes Eric over again*

Kevin: See? Still pushed over. The problem is that he’s relying on muscle. He’s stiff! He’s rigid! He’s trying to push me out of the way with his block!

This went on, back and forth, about five times. Every time, Kevin told Eric he needed to get more into his structure and use less strength. Eric adjusted and softened, just minute changes — so small you could barely see them.

Then Kevin would again push him over. “Too much strength! Less muscle, more structure!”

Finally, Kevin pushed and Eric didn’t move.

Kevin: Ah, there we go. Now you’ve stopped relying on your muscle. Your structure is holding you up. Read more

Your Revenue Goals are Lying To You

Your revenue goals are lying to you.
And they are a big part of why you feel like taking the next step in your business is impossible.
See, if your goal is to bring in $500k annual revenue, that doesn’t mean you’re building a $500k business.
It means you’re building a $840k business.
It’s math.
Right now, let’s say you’re doing $120k in a year, or $10k/mo.
Well, a $500k business means that on AVERAGE, you have to be doing $40k/month in revenue.
Which means for every $10k month, you need to ALSO have a $70k month.
And if you did $70k each and every month, you’d be at $840k in a year.
So what your 12-month goal of making $500k REALLY tells me is that you want to have built a business that is capable of doing at least $840k in a year.
And if it’s not, then you need to re-evaluate your goals.

The Biggest Mistake Online Business Owners Make at $250k

At the end of the day, the math is quite simple:

In order to have a $1m online business, you must be able to generate $1m in sales.

All the structures and systems in the world are meaningless if you don’t have something to sell — some way of serving people; of exchanging value for value with them.

But here’s what I’ve observed: there’s a threshold that happens at around the $250k mark for most coaches, services providers and related businesses.

For some people, it’s higher.

For some people, it’s lower.

But somewhere around that point, things suddenly start to get HARD.

You have something that’s working, but it’s only working so well.

It’s like you’re too successful to quit, but not successful enough to feel like you’ve “made it”.

The question is,

How do you get past that point?

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15 Lessons for Pre-$1m Online Businesses

Every once in a while, especially when you’re in a period of major transition or change, it’s good to collate the lessons you’ve been learning.

So, that’s what we’re doing today.

If you’re an online business making good money, but with a drive to make a much bigger impact …

… then keep reading, because these lessons are for you.
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What’s 2017 about for you?

I don’t know if it’s just that I’m paying more attention, or if more people are sharing their revenue and numbers right now.

I saw Pat Flynn talk about how he’s going for $2m in online earnings in 2017. Ali Shanti announced on Facebook today that she’s going from $1.5m to $2m. is doing the same. Nathan Barry wrote about ConvertKit’s $4m year.

And then there’s us.

In 2017, I – and the MNIB team – are embarking on a year of dramatic growth: to $100k per month in annual revenue. That’s a run rate of $1.2m, for those keeping track at home.

That’s a big number. In fact, all those numbers above are big numbers. Big numbers that just 3 months ago would have seemed incredibly out of reach for me.

After all, in November when I was doing some planning, I figured $300k would be a good number. A solid goal. Doable, but not impossible. Reachable.

But if I’m being honest, getting to $300k felt like it was going to be hard. Super hard. “I’m not sure if we’ll make it” hard.

And yet, $1m feels easy by comparison.


Well, a lot of reasons, not the least of which is mindset.

But then there’s also the other factor, which is more about “what I’m actually trying to create for myself” … Read more