Is this the reason you’re stuck?

So there’s this woman I know.

She’s stuck in her business.

For the past few years, she’s made about $300k, give or take.

And she’s stuck there.

Not for lack of trying, mind you.

But as I look at her today, I can see the exact reason that she’s stuck …

It’s in the questions she asks. Read more

Confessions of 7-Figure Business Owners

It’s always fascinating to listen to conversations between those who are ahead of you in business.

Take, for example, a conversation that Breanne recently had with a few entrepreneurs whose online businesses are in the $5-$10m range.

They were talking about what was working in their business, what they struggle with, and most interestingly … where they feel most vulnerable.

Now, before we tell you what they said, take a few moments and ask yourself:

If you were the owner of a $5m online business, what do you think would have you feeling most vulnerable?

  • Your team?
  • Your sales?
  • Your systems?
  • Something else?

Really put yourself in their shoes for a second, and then read on … Read more

These Are the 3Rs of Remarkable Teaching Businesses

So, you want a remarkable teaching business. World-class online courses, transformational group programs, sought-after certifications, and workshops and seminars that blow people’s minds. And you’re willing to do the work to get there.

But hang on, for a second.

What exactly do we mean, when we talk about creating something “remarkable”? What does that even look like? How do you know if you’re there … and, if not, what you need to change to get there?


This is something I’ve been working hard to answer, over the past several years. In fact, even before I started working with clients on their curriculum, I was wrestling with questions like these.

Fortunately for you and for me, my thinking has evolved a lot since those early days. I’ve worked on some great products, and helped to pull some less-than-great ones out of the fire. I’ve worked on big courses, and small workshops. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about what really matters. Here’s what I’ve realized:

There are 3Rs which serve as the foundation of every single successful online teaching business.

3Rs that reveal the difference between businesses that thrive, and those that struggle to get by. 3Rs that both measure the health of your business, and predict its growth.

And, unlike the 3Rs found in traditional education, these ones actually all start with “R”.

What are these 3Rs? Read on. Read more

The Power of Reflective Practice

In March, I was at CreativeLive for the filming of Tara Gentile’s Stand-Out Business Bootcamp. It was an intense whirlwind; we filmed 30 days worth of lessons in 5 days, and so much of it is a blur.

But one of the things that I do remember clearly was what happened just before we started filming the very last segment. Tara gathered us all around and said:

In this segment, I’m going to do what Breanne always tells me to do, and that’s to ask you to reflect on what you’ve learned.


Anyone who has worked with me before will resonate with Tara’s statement; I definitely do have a soft-spot in my heart for reflection. It’s something I emphasize with all my clients. Heck, I offer a debrief session in my Elevate package, specifically to serve the purpose of reflection.

But there’s good reasons for that. It’s good for learning, it’s good for business, and it’s good for us.

Here’s what I mean. Read more

Don’t Get Sidetracked: 8 Lessons to Help You Finish Your Program

This week marks a very important milestone for the microbusiness owners who are participating in Spring 2015 cohort of The Master Class.

Over the past several weeks, they’ve been hard at work designing the structure for their new, flagship programs.

With their plans made and strategy in place, it’s now time to move into implementation: to develop and deliver their program materials.


It’s an incredibly exciting, gratifying and terrifying part of the process.

And it’s also deceptively dangerous.

See, I’ve seen a lot of business owners get to this point and then fail to finish. If you’re not careful, it can become easy to let life get in the way; to not launch, not create your materials, not get across the finish line, and share your work with the world.

And so today, I want to share with you 8 lessons that I’ve learned about how to get your programs, courses and products from plans to done. Read more

Running On Empty? Don’t Rush To Create A Course.

empty-sqIf it hasn’t happened already, it will soon:

“Teaching what you know” is about to hit critical mass.

Putting together online courses is no longer just a tactic for the early adopters. It’s no longer a unique way to provide value and stand out in the market. It’s becoming ubiquitous. Expected. Normal.

Developing online training programs – or better yet, evergreen courses that make money ’round the clock – is held up as a gold standard for Internet-era micro-business.

It’s proposed as a solution to almost every problem of scale.

Want to break out of the time-for-money cycle, stop suffering feast or famine, better leverage your expertise, or set yourself up for incredible growth? Build a course!

At least, that’s what we’re being told: that when you’re running on empty, creating a course is the fastest and best solution.

That conversation needs to stop. Today.

It’s time to stop blindly assuming that your business will be best served by creating Yet Another Online Course, and start looking at whether it’s actually going to be the right strategic move for you. Read more