Is this the reason you’re stuck?

So there’s this woman I know.

She’s stuck in her business.

For the past few years, she’s made about $300k, give or take.

And she’s stuck there.

Not for lack of trying, mind you.

But as I look at her today, I can see the exact reason that she’s stuck …

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Confessions of 7-Figure Business Owners

It’s always fascinating to listen to conversations between those who are ahead of you in business.

Take, for example, a conversation that Breanne recently had with a few entrepreneurs whose online businesses are in the $5-$10m range.

They were talking about what was working in their business, what they struggle with, and most interestingly … where they feel most vulnerable.

Now, before we tell you what they said, take a few moments and ask yourself:

If you were the owner of a $5m online business, what do you think would have you feeling most vulnerable?

  • Your team?
  • Your sales?
  • Your systems?
  • Something else?

Really put yourself in their shoes for a second, and then read on … Read more

Are your ears big enough?

“Few things can sink a great team faster than a leader who thinks they need to change everything on day one.”

This was a piece of advice my mentor gave me as I prepared to move into a management position at my day job in the post-secondary.

“You can’t waltz in and pretend that you know everything. Make sure to spend the time to figure out what’s already in place, before you try to save the world.”

It was good advice; I took it to heart.

Eventually, I turned it into a mantra.

For the first several months, in almost every meeting I attended, with every new person I met, and sometimes even just in my own head, I would repeat:

“My job is to have big ears.”

By that, of course, I meant that my job was to observe and listen to those around me. To figure out the context, what was working and what wasn’t, before I leapt into action.


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As a piano teacher, I always took my students through one exercise, fairly early on in their piano playing careers:

I’d play a series of notes and ask them if they recognized the song.

They wouldn’t.

Then, I’d play the same notes again, but this time, with a different rhythm. This second time, they recognized “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Since a young age, I’ve known that rhythm is a driving force in music.

But it’s only recently that I’ve come to appreciate just how important it is when it comes to the business of exceptional teaching.

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If You Want Freedom, Embrace Constraints

A group of researchers took a group of children to a park. You know the kind, one that takes up an entire city block. “Go play!” they told the kids. “Play tag, run around, go wherever you want!” The kids took off, and started playing.

But for the most part, they stayed grouped together in the middle of the park.

Then the researchers took the kids to another park, almost identical to the first one but with one core difference. This park was fenced. “Go play!” they again told the kids. “Play tag, run around, go wherever you want!”

And this time, the kids spread out through the entire park, playing and laughing throughout the entire space.


I can’t remember where I first heard about this research study, but its core message is one that has stuck with me. It’s one that I’ve told my clients many times, but it’s something I’ve never really talked about here before.

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These Are the 3Rs of Remarkable Teaching Businesses

So, you want a remarkable teaching business. World-class online courses, transformational group programs, sought-after certifications, and workshops and seminars that blow people’s minds. And you’re willing to do the work to get there.

But hang on, for a second.

What exactly do we mean, when we talk about creating something “remarkable”? What does that even look like? How do you know if you’re there … and, if not, what you need to change to get there?


This is something I’ve been working hard to answer, over the past several years. In fact, even before I started working with clients on their curriculum, I was wrestling with questions like these.

Fortunately for you and for me, my thinking has evolved a lot since those early days. I’ve worked on some great products, and helped to pull some less-than-great ones out of the fire. I’ve worked on big courses, and small workshops. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about what really matters. Here’s what I’ve realized:

There are 3Rs which serve as the foundation of every single successful online teaching business.

3Rs that reveal the difference between businesses that thrive, and those that struggle to get by. 3Rs that both measure the health of your business, and predict its growth.

And, unlike the 3Rs found in traditional education, these ones actually all start with “R”.

What are these 3Rs? Read on. Read more