Confessions of 7-Figure Business Owners

It’s always fascinating to listen to conversations between those who are ahead of you in business.

Take, for example, a conversation that Breanne recently had with a few entrepreneurs whose online businesses are in the $5-$10m range.

They were talking about what was working in their business, what they struggle with, and most interestingly … where they feel most vulnerable.

Now, before we tell you what they said, take a few moments and ask yourself:

If you were the owner of a $5m online business, what do you think would have you feeling most vulnerable?

  • Your team?
  • Your sales?
  • Your systems?
  • Something else?

Really put yourself in their shoes for a second, and then read on …

Okay, ready?

First, on the subject of what was working well, everyone agreed:

  • “I’m great at the short game. Where I’m not so good is the long game.”
  • “Sales and marketing? I got that.”
  • “Getting our customers immediate solutions to the pain they’re feeling? No problem.”

Makes sense, right?

After all, they are visionaries.

As such, they — like you! — have a really special set of skills. Those skills are what allow you to build your business, connect with customers, and create amazing products.

On the other hand, they expressed that their biggest lack is with all of the “inside of the business” stuff:

  • Operations
  • Structure
  • Financials
  • Management
  • Resourcing

And it was their lack in these areas that led them to their biggest fear:

Their biggest fear is that things will implode.

Despite having all the sales and leads and revenue they could ever ask for … they know that it’s not enough. They’re still afraid.

They’re afraid because to this point, they’ve been able to make it all happen by relying on their instincts. Their instincts for sales, and marketing, and connecting the people that have a problem with the solution that will help them solve it.

Their instincts are great for solving short-term problems.

But long-term … well, building for the long term is something different.

It takes different skills.

Different strengths.

Strengths that didn’t get them to where they are … because they’re not their strengths.

Maybe you resonate with this.

Maybe you recognize that you’ve done a really great job of getting you short-term wins but there’s always this underlying worry that things are going to implode.

That you’ve been building too much based on luck.

That you’ve been building too much based on hustle.

That you’ve been building too much on a shaky foundation.

And that it wouldn’t take much for things to … well … start falling apart.

Well, we don’t want that.

None of us do.

Unless you’re building a sandcastle, you don’t start building something just so it will crumble around you later.

It’s why so many people we’ve spoken to lately feel like they don’t even know how they got to where they are …

… which means they don’t know how to replicate it, never mind scale it.

That’s because building and scaling are different skills.

And the truth is that you’ll need both if your business is to reach its full potential.

So today, that’s the question we want to leave you with:

Which of those two areas (building or scaling) is your strength, and which do you need support with?

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