Hate Managing? Then Stop Delegating, And Do This Instead.

There’s a pretty standard team-building formula out there for online businesses these days.

Figure out the tasks that you like doing the least, and then find someone to it for you.

Do that over and over, until you’re only doing the stuff you love.

Get someone to do Facebook ads, someone to do copywriting, someone to answer emails, someone to manage projects, someone to figure out how to set up and maintain your funnel …

And then once you’ve assembled this cast of characters, everything will go smoothly.

Except that, with every person you bring on, your management responsibilities grow …

“I didn’t get into this business to be a manager,” you say, and you’re right.

So then, you try to solve this problem by hiring … well, someone.

You’re not sure who.

Sometimes, it’s an OBM. Sometimes, it’s a project manager. Sometimes, you just think of them as a “magical unicorn” …

And guess what? It doesn’t solve the problem.

But here’s the truth:

The problem isn’t your ability to manage, or even necessarily the people you’ve hired.

The problem is that the word “delegate” is a verb.

Which means that someone still needs to be doing the delegating … and of course, that person is you.

So even though you’ve delegated the actual doing of the work, you haven’t actually handed over ownership. Everyone and everything still runs through you; you’re the final approver, the decision maker.

Instead, if you want an amazing team that functions as a team, you can’t just hire minions.

You need to hire your future leaders and managers.

You find people who can own their area of responsibility. Who are fully empowered, responsible and accountable for their areas of success.

You seek out the people that are better than you at the things they do.

As such, you don’t need to have all the systems and SOPs and structures in place before she hires them. You can hire then and then direct them to build the systems based on their expertise.

Yes, the systems still need documenting and they also need to be made consistent across the organization.

Yes, you still need to onboard your team into the culture and mission and vision of the company, and also make sure they have the guidance and direction they need to make the decisions.

But you don’t need to hire people to do things “your way.” You need to hire people who, in doing it their way, will make things even better.

This is a big difference.

Hiring leaders, hiring your future managers, hiring the people who will form your leadership team is so much different than hiring a group of people who are just technicians.

Yes, they also have to be proficient technicians. But they need to also be strategic thinkers. They need to be able to drive strategic execution. And they need to be better than you, so that they can get better results than you could ever get on your own.

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