Tired of Hustling? Try Relying On This Instead.

Set scene: In a martial arts dojo, two instructors, Kevin and Eric, are demonstrating a drill

Kevin: *punches*
Eric: *blocks*
Kevin: *pushes Eric over*

Kevin: Ah, you see, he got pushed over. What’s the problem here?
Students: He wasn’t connected to the ground! Bad stance!
Kevin: Yes, very good. But there’s more to it. Let’s do it again.

Eric: *adjusts his stance*
Kevin: *punches*
Eric: *blocks*
Kevin: *pushes Eric over again*

Kevin: See? Still pushed over. The problem is that he’s relying on muscle. He’s stiff! He’s rigid! He’s trying to push me out of the way with his block!

This went on, back and forth, about five times. Every time, Kevin told Eric he needed to get more into his structure and use less strength. Eric adjusted and softened, just minute changes — so small you could barely see them.

Then Kevin would again push him over. “Too much strength! Less muscle, more structure!”

Finally, Kevin pushed and Eric didn’t move.

Kevin: Ah, there we go. Now you’ve stopped relying on your muscle. Your structure is holding you up.

Why Are We Telling You This?

Chances are that you’re relying too much on muscle and hustle in your business too … and let’s be honest, it can be exhausting.

(Plus, it’s an opportunity to share a photo of Breanne as a white belt)

(Breanne note: I’d like to note that since being a white belt, my stance and structure have improved considerably…)

Here’s the thing …

It’s so tempting to rely on “muscle” in our businesses.

To rely on your ability to push. To hustle. To make things happen.

But when you do that, it’s actually a sign that you’re not actually solid in your structure.

That you’re not really trusting your structure.

Your structure—how the pieces of your business work together—is what allows you to soften. To relax. To take time. To not have to push so hard.

As such, your structure—your team, your revenue systems, your customer experience, your profitability—is what you need to be relying on.

Otherwise, you’re stuck relying on sheer strength, hustle and grit to do so.

And that’s exhausting.

So here’s your challenge for today.

Step into your business owner stance.

Feel the connection between your head, through your neck, down the spine into your torso, along your limbs …

Between your team to your revenue to your profit to your customer experience …

See if your structures are solid.

See if they’re aligned, from head to toe. From team to customer.

When you find misalignment, made the adjustment so you can rely on it—not your muscle or your hustle—to hold you up and to carry you forward.

Structure, not hustle, is everything.

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