When You Start to Wonder "What's Next?"

When You Start to Wonder “What’s Next?”

When You Start to Wonder "What's Next?"The first time you launch a course, it’s exhilarating.

Terrifying! But exhilarating.

You spent all of this time, you worked so hard, you’ve spent weeks going 120 miles an hour, and you’ve been pushing-pushingpushing to get to the finish line to get this course out the door.

And then you do, and it’s done. And you celebrate, pat yourself on the back, maybe sit back for a few days …

But before long, you find yourself asking the question, “What’s next?”

This can be an incredibly creative period, where you re-evaluate your plans and goals, experiment with new ideas, slow the pace down from frenetic to merely fast.

It can also be an incredibly addictive period – you start to enjoy not working every spare minute of the day. Ideas become your drug of choice. You flit from idea to idea, falling in love with one idea nearly as fast as you fall out of love with another.

If you’re not careful, you can even start to wallow a place of self-indulgent contentment. All your best laid plans sit idle, your goals and intentions languish, and your “get up and go” teeters dangerously on the edge of being “got up and gone.”

Eventually, though, the thought occurs to you: for all your thinking and ideation, you haven’t made much progress. You haven’t started anything new, nor finished anything old.

If you had spent half as much time picking one thing and working on it, you’d be done it and onto the next one already.

And so you sit down, pull up your socks, and get back to work.

This is where I’ve been the past few weeks. Next week, I’ll be sharing the specific strategies I used to help you answer the question “what’s next”; sign up for email updates below, to be sure you get that post.

In the mean time, I want to hear from you. What do you do when you’re stuck trying to figure out, “what’s next?” Leave a comment, and I may even share some of the best responses in next week’s post.