The QUEST [Infographic]


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The QUEST to Craft a Remarkable Course that Gets Remarkable Results

Like a siren-song from an epic fantasy tale, The QUEST calls to you, beckoning you to be the hero of your own journey. To write your own story.

As a high-achieving business owner, you’re caught in a tempest: do you take the time to carefully craft an exceptional piece of work? Or do you get it out the door and into the market quickly?

Too often, it seems like the only possible resolution is to sacrifice. To settle for something less than remarkable; something less than you, your customer and your ideas deserve.

But that’s not how you roll.

What makes it harder is that your audience is begging for more. They’re waiting for you to create the program of your (and their) dreams.

That’s why you’re on The QUEST: to craft a remarkable course that gets remarkable results.

Fortunately, this quest has a map.

The Crossroads

quest-crossroadEvery quest begins at a crossroads; an inflection point that begs a decision.

Creating a course, coaching program, or training product is a great way to make a business more scalable. It’s a fantastic way to leverage your expertise, and remove the direct exchange of time for money. The big question is, however, should YOU be doing it?

To discern the answer, you must take a good hard look at your business model. You must really unpack what transformation your customers are looking for, how you can provide your highest value, and what the right relationship and framework is to deliver that value and transformation.

The answer may be a course. It may not be. That’s why the first step in The QUEST is to make a decision at the Crossroads.

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Look-Out Tower

quest-towerA decision made, it’s now time to map out the route ahead. Like a scout climbing high up into a tower (or tree!) to survey the landscape below, you must step back from your project to get the context firmly set in mind.

From this vantage point, you observe your Perfect Participants—noting both what they think they want, and what you know they need. You analyze what they say, think, feel, and do, in order to determine how you can best help them get to where they want to be.

You sketch out high level plans, mapping out the constraints and obstacles that will get in the way of this transit. How will you (and your customers) get to the destination successfully? That’s the question you must address, and the analysis you must complete, from the Look-Out Tower.

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The Inn

quest-innOn your course creating QUEST, there is still much you don’t know. But if you delay setting out much longer, you’ll never leave town. And so the next stop on your map is to head to the inn.

As every great adventurer knows, you must pass through an inn at some point as you set out on your journey. The inn is a place to rest and prepare, gather supplies, and muster support before heading out on the road.

The inn is where you turn your high level plans into action; that plan will tell you what to take with you on your journey, and what to leave behind—what content to include, and what to leave out. Determine the learning objectives, the structure of the curriculum materials, how engagement will be baked in to the experience (through exercises, activities, community, etc.), and get ready to head out!

From the safe confines of the Inn, you can take the overarching goals for your course or program, and break them into a structure, plan and framework that you can follow when you hit the road.

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On the Road

quest-roadAh, the road. Who knows what it will bring? A monster? A creepy cave? A treasure?

When you begin developing your course curriculum—recording videos, writing worksheets, creating your delivery platform—you can’t be really sure of what you’re going to encounter. Will your material stand up when you get it in the hands of real customers? The only way to know for sure is to try.

That’s why it’s so important to leave the inn, and head out onto the road sooner rather than later. You can draw it up in the inn, but until you actual get into the wilds, you’ll never make progress on your QUEST.

The road is where you pilot your materials with real people. It’s where your ideas become battle-tested. Sometimes, you’ll take a wrong turn and end up in a marsh. Other times, you’ll stumble upon a hidden chest of gold. Every step along the way teaches you something new that will help you as you move ever forward.

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Rest Stop

quest-restThe QUEST isn’t an overnight adventure. You can’t just continue on, day and night, and expect to reach your goals. It takes time, energy, and a lot of work.

Which means it also requires rest.

Too often, it’s tempting to just push on. To run another batch of people through your program, to rush back into redeveloping, to make changes as fast as possible. Part of that is because of how discouraging the road can be some times. It’s discouraging when you put stuff out there and it doesn’t resonate the way you want. When you get mired in the muck and the summit feels miles away. When you find yourself in the exact same place you were a day, month, or year ago.

The key is to make time for rest stops along the way. You collect training data, review the effectiveness of what you’ve done so far, assess performance, and then work to make systematic improvements to the training. You may not be ready to try for the summit right after a rest, but at the very least, you’ll be better prepared to head back out on the road.

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Final Ascent

quest-ascentIf you are ready to try for the summit—to officially launch your course, program or product out to the world in a big way—then after your final rest stop, you are ready for final preparations.

Make sure you have everything you need! When you’re on your final ascent, climbing the pre-launch mountain, there’s very little time to pause to course correct (no pun intended). Rather, it’s all hands on deck as you finalize your materials, make sure everything is packed in its proper place, and ready for the final push.

Timing your final ascent properly is critical. You can’t start it too early, or you’ll find yourself unprepared for the challenges that summiting presents. But you also can’t start it too late, or you’ll run out of supplies before you reach the top.

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quest-summitThe final outcome of The QUEST is, of course, the launch: when you finally unleash this “thing” you’ve been working so hard on, into the world.

Success in reaching the summit isn’t about the summit attempt itself, though. Not really.

It comes from investing time, energy and money into planning and gathering supplies at the inn. It comes from the journey on the road as you test your offer with pilot participants, and the the rest stops to catch your breath and evaluate progress. It comes from choosing the right time to make the final push; the final ascent.

It’s all those pieces that are the important work that make the push to the summit possible.

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Where Are You On The QUEST?

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