Your Revenue Goals are Lying To You

Your revenue goals are lying to you.
And they are a big part of why you feel like taking the next step in your business is impossible.
See, if your goal is to bring in $500k annual revenue, that doesn’t mean you’re building a $500k business.
It means you’re building a $840k business.
It’s math.
Right now, let’s say you’re doing $120k in a year, or $10k/mo.
Well, a $500k business means that on AVERAGE, you have to be doing $40k/month in revenue.
Which means for every $10k month, you need to ALSO have a $70k month.
And if you did $70k each and every month, you’d be at $840k in a year.
So what your 12-month goal of making $500k REALLY tells me is that you want to have built a business that is capable of doing at least $840k in a year.
And if it’s not, then you need to re-evaluate your goals.