Which of these two types of entrepreneurs are you?

Quick … which of the following two descriptions sounds more like you?

OPTION 1: Your brain is always buzzing with ideas—there’s never a shortage. You see a problem and can’t help but imagine how you could solve it. Big picture thinking? Yes, please.

People seem to just gravitate to you; they love the way you think, the way you talk, the way you show up in the world, and it’s a big part of why your business is as successful as it is. If you could just spend all day exploring and playing with new ideas, it’d be heaven.

If there’s one downside to this whole thing, it’s that you have a tendency to get sidetracked by shiny objects, and want to just jump into action and implement every single one of your ideas right now.

OPTION 2: Sometimes, it feels like you don’t come up with all that many original ideas—but if someone GIVES you an idea, then watch out: you’ll be on a mission to figure out how it all works.

When you see a problem, you can’t can’t help but identify the bottlenecks, articulate the problems, and come up with the plan to solve it. You love the numbers and the details, and thrive on the challenge of making sure the “trains all run on time.”

If there’s one downside to this whole thing, it’s that you sometimes tend to overplan and wait too long to take action.

Now if you’re like most business owners that we talk to, the first option fits like a glove.

And yet, all the things in that second list are things that need to get done, right?

And so you do it.

You research online, ask friends, read books, listen to podcasts and put in the blood, sweat and tears.

But no matter how hard you try and despite your best efforts, the fact remains: these are not your gifts.

Now, here’s the good news.

There’s a reason this happens, and that reason is …

You are a visionary.

(By the way, the person described in that second example? That’s the visionary’s counterpart, the integrator. And yes, there really are people out there like that.)

Here’s what that means:

(Rather read than watch? Here’s a link to the transcript on the RocketFuel website)

Now, in that video, author Mark Winters talks about how as a visionary, he knows that he has a tendency to try to convince himself that the things in that second list—the things that integrators do—are actually his strengths.

But Mark knows—and you know, deep down—that it’s not true. And further, you know that every moment you spend outside your zone of genius is a moment that you are robbing your clients of what they need from you.

This quote from Elizabeth DiAlto explains this so beautifully:


See, as a visionary, there is no limit to the ideas you’ll have, the people you’ll want to reach, and the transformation you’ll want to achieve in the world.

But the truth is that your visionary tendencies are the exact thing that will ultimately impede your ability to create the life you want—for you, for your team, for your customers, for the world.

What’s more, the world of online business is changing. It’s no longer enough to just “be your own boss” or “build an amazing lifestyle.”

For you to provide your highest and greatest value to the world, you’re going to need to find a way to grow beyond just yourself.


To help you see how this applies to your business, we’ve put together a special video that outlines:

  • The changes that are happening in the online marketplace
  • What successful visionaries are doing to adapt, and
  • What you need to be thinking about if you’re going to create the kind of impact, legacy, and life you seek.

Watch that, here: Can Your Online Business Withstand These Market Changes?